"1999 Productions is a pleasure to work with. Our company engaged Peter and Surane to produce three web commercials. From video concept design to onsite shooting and final editing, they took care of every aspect of the project. Their professionalism and knowledge in their field provided us with peace of mind, and they produced the three videos to our upmost satisfaction. Our projected delivered on time and on budget, and the commercials were well received by our customers. We highly recommend 1999 Productions" 

Alice Chan, Managing Director, Ace Canadawide Services Inc. http://drinkbriosoda.ca

"I know there are plenty of competent directors out there. But I don't want just competent. I want someone who blends vision, technical expertise and an ability to find the heart in the work I do. Peter is that guy."  

Michael Bungay Stanier, Senior Partner, Box Of Crayons. http://www.boxofcrayons.biz

"1999 Production's video was the perfect addition to our Canstruction event — serving as both a meaningful record of the event itself and an effective tool in promoting future Canstruction campaigns. The team was highly professional and courteous while filming, and the final project was delivered in a timely manner, in keeping with our requirements, and of a quality superior to what we had expected. I would be eager to work with 1999 again and quick to recommend them to others." 

- Holly Romero, CANstruction Board Member. https://www.canstruction.org/

"Working with Peter is always an exceptionally positive experience. He approaches every project with the upmost professional, creative standards given the challenges of often working with us in third world locations with limited resources.  He executed and achieved wonderful results with heart and a real understanding of what we wanted to portray. He also added immensely to the group dynamics with his charm and amicable disposition. I would highly recommend Peter Hatch for any project." 

- Laurie Myles, co owner and business development manager, GiveGetGo. http://givegetgo.ca/

"I recently had 1999 Productions out to film one of the gnarled tree removals of my life. A 100+ year old white pine. The job was very dangerous and Peter himself was in danger when filming. Peter did an excellent job capturing both the danger and the skill involved in taking down such a big tree. I am thankful for the video he did which now allows me to get my clients closer to what it feels like when doing one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. Thanks again Peter, I would definitely recommend you to anyone as I was so satisfied. I look forward to seeing you again when we have another big tree to take down, or if we can get more clients interested in the filming of their tree removals; "the most dangerous, land-based job". 

- Zack Boldt, arborist and founder/operator of Lumberzak's tree removal services

"Matt Hamilton is a very talented guy who wears many hats and has an eagerness and willingness to use everything in his "arsenal" to make a project as good as it can be. He's a pleasure to work with because he has the perfect balance of a great attitude and exceptional direction/cinematography/production skills. Matt's an invaluable asset to any production I've been on because, as a person that wears many hats myself, I know whatever he's tasked with, he delivers in spades. Which, in turn, gives me less things to stress about. I would recommend Matt to anyone in need of a professional with an eye for detail that collaborates well. I would also recommend Matt to anyone in need of someone with a killer beard." 

Santiago Fernandez-Concha, Freelance Copywriter/Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson, Publicis, TAXI, DDB, Ogilvy

“Working with 1999 Productions was truly a wonderful experience. The precision that went into planning a beautiful outcome made the whole shoot and editing process incredibly easy. 1999 took great care to capture shots that would look stunning on camera and also play to my makeup lines strengths, which is invaluable to me. I have since re-elected to work with this production company again, since our initial project together, and look forward to the same high quality output. If you're considering having some professional video work done, don't hesitate to reach out to 1999 Productions!” 

- Sarah Devika Sumnauth, Founder & CEO, Urban Minerals. http://www.urbanminerals.ca/